“Michael Ebert’s Jan. 13 letter against cannabis dispensaries for Menominee shows he lacks understanding of the history and current science behind medical marijuana and doesn’t understand how the scientific method works. Ebert needs to watch the You Tube videos entitled “Full CNN Documentary Weed Parts 1-3 (2013-2015)” and “Full CNN Documentary Weed Part 4 with Dr. Sanjay Gupta!” in order learn about the many medicinal benefits of marijuana and the scientific research already done.

“Ebert needs to understand that talking to young people about their marijuana experiences can be considered a legitimate method for inspiring scientific inquiry into a particular area of interest. “Anecdotal evidence” or “observational evidence” can be considered a part of the scientific method when it guides scientists in their research. In the case of marijuana, it was the youth of the 1960s, 70s, etc., who used marijuana regularly — in spite of harsh persecution — that kept it in the spotlight to be scientifically evaluated when reports of its many medicinal benefits became too obvious to ignore.