Dear Editor,

COVID-19 cases skyrocketed in Marinette County after Trump’s visit.

In the days after Donald Trump visited Marinette, our COVID-19 cases went from being minimal with a flat trajectory at 65 cases for the entire county to now being at 387 cases with a skyrocket-like trajectory. This is an increase of six times what it was with a trajectory that was flat prior to Trump’s visit to becoming a trajectory that is straight up.

This spike is no coincidence and was caused by a president who has little or no concern for the health of others — as long as he gets re-elected. Frankly, I voted for this man as I did not want Hillary Clinton to be president. But, I have come to see Donald Trump as being little more than a crybaby with an ego so large that only several times in our lifetime have we seen any that compare. I think dictator’s Stalin and Putin share the same mental mindset in that it doesn’t matter how many people die, how much damage is done to the nation; as long as Trump gets his way and gets re-elected.

Trump’s recent comments that he didn’t care if the Russians were trying to get him re-elected proves he doesn’t really care about democracy or the U.S. I now agree with those persons I used to debate with: Trump only cares about Donald J. Trump. I will still find it difficult to vote for Joe Biden but because I really do care about our country, our children and our neighbors; the path Trump has the U.S. on is a path to all-out disaster for every American.

Tom Boerner

Lake Township