Dear Editor,

This opinion letter is not only directed at Democrats interested in having Presidential candidate Joe Biden become our next president, but also everyone else that is fed up with the Trump years of corruption, any-constitutional, anti-environment, anti-science and complete lack of moral integrity. Most of us are fed up with the incompetency of our Senate, our executive branch in its entirety, Trump’s personal Attorney General Bill Barr’s handling of our justice system and other blind following of party line politics, by Democrats or Republicans.

First, candidate Joe Biden and the entire Democratic party need to put some good old American enthusiasm; the kind needed to win this year’s very important election campaign at every level, whether it’s city, county, state or federal. In other words, Biden comes across as being entirely too non-combative, too timid and too silent on too many really important issues and should show his anger and enthusiasm for correcting corruptive governmental practices.

Secondly, for instance, the Trump thugs in the White House by Executive Order canceled every one of the laws, rules and regulations protecting our environment that took state and federal lawmakers the past 75 years to put on the books; giving every one of our dirty industry’s a new license to go back to what they once did polluting our air, land and water. Laws, regulations and practices that helped clean up some of our polluted land, water and air and also helped save billions of dollars cleaning up out of control mining company toxic waste that lawmakers representing all of us on planet earth that felt it to be a responsibility we had to future generations to stop. In a leadership role which we exchanged for approval from a few world communist leaders we managed to tell the rest of the world America just doesn’t care anymore.

We need to win every fight at every level, and not just as good guys with one hand tied behind our backs, but as patriotic American voters who have the intestinal fortitude to say enough is enough.

William Boerner