Dear Editor,

What will we lose if our state and federal Republican senators and representatives get their wish and get the American Care Act (known as Obama Care) declared unconstitutional or illegal?

Things that will go away: Medicare expansion (a possible option worth over $1 million to the Wisconsin budget), financial subsidies for medical expenses, the requirement that policies cover at a minimum 60% of medical expenses, require policies cover maternity and mental health services, require policies cover adult children under the parent’s plan until 26, require that policies cover preventative services at no cost, provide financial help to reduce deductibles and co-pays for low income enrollees and require a hard cap on out-of-pocket expenses.

Things that will return: Discrimination for pre-existing conditions allowed, charging women more for being a woman allowed, charging older American 5 to 6 times more than younger American allowed.

A thing that will reappear: The donut hole (financial liability) in the Medicare Part “D” section.

This is what the Republican administration prior to Gov. Tony Evers supported when they joined the legal efforts of Texas to close down the ACA. This is what the present Republican leadership supports now.

How much are the people of Wisconsin willing to pay in costs and health care support to pander to Republican politicians?

Gilbert Engel