Dear Editor,

Mask or no mask?

Big question, but I don’t understand why it is such an issue. People say it’s their right not to wear one, after all they’re Americans, and it infringes on their freedom. They say that masks don’t help. They say it’s all political.

Okay, let’s talk about your freedom. What about speed limits? Doesn’t that infringe upon your right to drive a fast as you want? After all, you’re an American and speed limits infringe upon your rights, you should be free to drive whatever speed you want. And there is a noise ordinance, so basically you can’t play your music all hours of the night as loud as you want, but wait, doesn’t that infringe on your rights? You’re an American you should be able to play your music all night as loud as you want. And restaurants, who are they to tell you, no shoes, no shirt, no service? You’re an American, you should be able to wear or not wear whatever you want to their establishment, right? Oh, and then there are seat belts. Another big infringement of your rights, you’re a free American, you should be able drive wherever you want and not worry about wearing a seat belt; and now the big one, child safety seats, wow, who the heck has the right to tell you that you have to put your baby or child in a car seat. It’s a big hassle to get them all strapped in, you should be able to just sit or lay them on the seat next to you, and if you’re in an accident or have to slam on the brakes, and your child goes through the windshield too bad, after all, your an American and no one should infringe on your right to be free to do whatever you want.

I could go on and on with more of your infringements. These laws have been proven to save lives and help keep us and our children safe, we live in the United States, I repeat united, the Constitution says “We The People,” not I The Person — and yes the land of the free. We have so many more freedoms than any other country in the world. Be thankful. We can beat this virus, yes, we the people can. So put on those masks and social distance, studies show that these measures help keep the virus from spreading, please wear the mask, even if it only saves a few lives, maybe even someone you know and love. Isn’t it worth it?

Cheryl Peterson