Dear Editor,

I am asking is accepting criminal behavior by powerful people the standard in the Republican Party? It is clear from the case presented by the House managers, Sen. McConnell’s statements after the acquittal, Rep. Gallagher’s reaction during the insurgency Jan. 6, and other Republicans, that Trump incited the violence, facilitated the violence by inaction and rewarded the violence by his words “Remember this day, go home, I love you.”

Trump’s behavior of ignoring prior intelligence cost lives and allowed the violence to happen.

What did the 43 Republicans Senators, including Ron Johnson, and 197 Republican Representatives, including Mike Gallagher, risk for supporting the criminal behavior of Trump? They may have been censored by a party tolerant of criminal behavior, or (risk losing the) next election, hence their job and their power. What would Trump have lost if convicted? The only thing he would have lost was his right to run for federal office. The patriots in the Republican Party were the seven senators and 10 representatives who stood up for our Capital, rule of law, government institutions, and with the guts to honor Capital Police and military combat soldiers and Marines who risk their lives when called upon.

Both respected conservative and liberal constitutional law experts said this impeach was Constitutional. The lawyers for the defense were personal injury attorneys.

We need a conservative party for a two-party system, not the party represented by the 43 Republican Senators and 197 Representatives.

Louise Swope