Dear Editor,

I read the article, “New county billboard warns of marijuana use during pregnancy” appearing in the Nov. 19, EagleHerald, with great interest.

After looking on the Internet, I found several articles saying many psychoactive drugs can potentially have negative effects on the developing fetus. See, for example, “Fetal Effects of Psychoactive Drugs” and “Developmental Consequences of Fetal Exposure to Drugs: What We Know and What We Still Must Learn.”

The best course of action I can see is teaching pregnant women and young people how to use cannabis in a non-psychoactive form as an alternative to psychoactive drugs. Dr. William Courtney advocates the use of non-psychoactive raw cannabis calling it a “dietary essential” and says pregnant women and children should use it regularly for treating and preventing disease. See the YouTube video “Raw Cannabis Advantages—William Courtney, MD”, at 14:59. Raw cannabis is also recommended by Dr. Dustin Sulak in the YouTube video “The Role of Cannabis in Integrative Medicine, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention—Dustin Sulak”, at 27:38. Dr. Sulak says the same thing as Dr. Courtney that raw cannabis is the best route for treating and preventing disease. He goes into greater detail on raw cannabis in “Biggest Benefits of Cannabis You May Be Missing Out On: Acidic Cannabinoids (CBDA/CBGA/THCA)” on his website.

Because dispensaries don’t commonly sell raw cannabis, members of the public should join the Facebook group called “Raw Cannabis for Menominee” to share information and ideas on making raw cannabis available and to show there’s a demand for raw cannabis justifying its sale. With all the dispensaries coming to Menominee, at least one should specialize in providing raw cannabis to the public.

William Swenson