Dear Editor,

Thank you, Jeremy Kuehnau, for signing your name to your letter to the editor published Oct. 27 in response to my letter to the editor that opposes legal marijuana in the city, published Oct. 20. Hiding under the curtain of anonymity, also two critical sound offs Oct. 20 and Nov. 5.

Jeremy, my letter called attention to decay, a decline in morality. Then I specifically targeted the unfortunate approval by the City of Menominee to allow two stores that will sell marijuana into the city as an error in judgment that will bring evil with its effects.

Jeremy, you called my writing a definition of morality by a close-minded, bigoted, religious zealot. My thoughts about it, nay, my confidence of the moral issue comes from the commandments of God, from Scripture, from Teaching of Jesus in the New Testament, from weekly attendance in church, and from the practical observance of the decay in human culture as true morality and faith in Jesus is abandoned. If this makes me a religious zealot, good, I am that. You profess you would rather be a deviant than observe this morality. I wonder how that will work when God your creator calls and you stand before the Lord for judgment, and you claim to be a deviant, an exception from His commands. I don't recommend it.

To address the sound offs, the first presenting a story of the glowing benefits of legalizing recreational marijuana, but no backup. The writer of the second sound off completely falsely suggests what is planned to be sold is harmless low THC, high CBD. Wrong. What will be sold is maximum THC highly additive marijuana. In either case, I offer this:

"Marijuana use directly affects the brain, specifically the parts of the brain responsible for memory, learning, attention, decision-making, coordination, emotion and reaction time." (U.S. Center for Disease Control)

"Research shows that people who use marijuana are more likely to have relationship problems, worse educational outcomes, lower career achievement, and reduced life satisfaction." (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)

"Increased loitering, noises, litter and property damage, smoking of marijuana in public areas; and increased offenses involving driving." (Journal of the Missouri State Medical Association)

At least one member of the city council suggested an improved business climate with legalized marijuana. Wrong. It's a contra-indicator for new business.

"Large businesses in Colorado state that after legalization they have had to hire out-of-state residents in order to find employees that can pass a pre-employment drug screen. (SAM Smart Approaches to Marijuana)

The city has been given a gift with the lawsuit by Highwire Farms, it's an opportunity to withdraw licenses already given. Take the gift and keep Menominee clean.

Michael Ebert