Dear Editor,

Is the American flag representative of the ideals set in the Preamble of the Constitution?

The Preamble stresses the belief that all people are equal, entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It seems to me that tribalism and gross inequity in opportunity and access to the means of ensuring those things through voting, education, respect for those different than you in some way, and support when needed are toxic to democracy and the flag of our country.

I ask this question because the flags that were waved in the Jan. 6 assault on our Capital and Trump calling them beautiful people waving those flags were to me waving a Confederate flag, disguised as American flags. Now when I see an American flag in front of a house or business, does it represent the white elitism and racism of the old South or the ideals that we have not achieved but made progress toward.

Some examples of the progress are the women’s right to vote, that 1964 desegregation of public school, equal opportunity laws, social security, election of non-Caucasians in the highest levels of state and federal government, etc.

To me, the disguised Confederate flag represents Trumpism that has consumed a large part of the Republican Party. To me, the flag I pledge alliance to is the one representing the ideals embodied in the Preamble and my Christian faith.

Gilbert Engel