Dear Editor,

What is the Menominee City Council thinking, approving marijuana stores in the city?

Unfortunately, the State of Michigan has legalized this drug for recreational use. But legal may not be moral or desirable. To lose the ability to think and act rationally? To intentionally get high? That’s recreation? I think not.

Permitting pot stores in Menominee is just the latest symptom of decay. It will attract more persons seeking to escape already sordid life. Those seeking to escape responsibility, seeking to escape stress whatever the cause, seeking to escape emotional or relationship problems—by getting high. The result: more homelessness, more broken families, more neglected children, more unemployables and more job losses.

Another symptom of decay is a store in Menominee that sells wares of tarot cards, magical or fortune telling or power giving or whatever crystals, and tapestries of similar claimed nature. This substitutes the created for the Creator, assigns intelligence to inert items, substitutes worship of created items in place of the Creator our Lord God. It worships the golden calf instead of seeking and worshipping God.

The decline of the moral climate in Menominee has been ongoing for some time and mirrors decline in the nation. Nearly half of marriages end in divorce (45%, average of various sources); cohabitation, unmarried couples living together in sexual relationship before marriage is 60% (Human Life International); society’s acceptance of LGBT relationships and same sex marriage is 72% (Statista); users of marijuana, a gateway drug, is 17% and among young adults prevalence of lifetime use of cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin is 11% (Drug Policy Facts). All against the commands of God.

So how to turn this cultural and social disaster around. First and foremost seek God, learn his commandments and their full meaning. Follow His commands. Start by going to church weekly or getting back to attendance weekly if you have fallen away from that practice. Only 24% of Americans attend church every week, 29% never attend church or synagogue (Statista, 2020 survey). God’s command, “Keep holy the Lord’s day.”

A step forward is for Menominee Public Schools to reserve Wednesdays after regular school hours for children to be free to attend faith formation or catechism classes or family time. It was that way 20 or 25 years ago. Now Wednesdays as other days are filled with sports practice, play practice and everything else. Citizens of Menominee, attend school board meeting and city council meetings, voice your objections to destructive decisions. Vote out those who propose or support decisions like approving marijuana stores that will bring more evil here.

Michael Ebert