Dear Editor,

Take the shot, wear a mask, show us that you care about all of us.

Our innocent unvaccinated children are in danger. They can’t get the shot which will protect them from a viciously deadly virus. They look to you for protection. Will you protect them? They think so. So do I. My parents protected me along with every school system that I attended in Minnesota and North Dakota. Many years later I live a healthy life in Michigan without any leftover virus infection effects. I am proof that childhood vaccinations work.

I remember when I got my first-grade school vaccination. It was a polio vaccination on a sugar cube. And yes, we didn’t have a choice because it was a public mandated safety vaccination. I didn’t get polio. I have since lived a full and healthy life. After the sugar cube we were vaccinated with needles. A few of us in the lines cried, threw up and passed out. But we were vaccinated. There was no exception.

I also remember that when we moved every three years for my father’s job I had to show my vaccination card to every school before I was allowed into any classroom. We were safe. Parents and school systems protected us.

Now, about 60 years later, people won’t take the shot? What happened to reverse the mandated public safety vaccination of my childhood that saved many generations of children from polio, small pox and several other virulent viruses?

Here is what is happening. A virus is mutating out of control in our unvaccinated bodies. This virus is killing us at a frightening rate and threatens our unvaccinated children because some of us refuse the shot and won’t mask when in the public.

We live in a public society where we all take care of each other. If you can’t care about us by performing your civic duty with vaccination and masking then you are breaking our trust in you. If your public activity continues to indicate a lack of concern for the safety of others, then expect stricter laws.

Our current public laws regarding vaccination and masking are obviously suggestions and rely on your moral choices and cooperation. If antivaxing and unmasking continues and a rapidly mutating pandemic virus kills us at increasing rates, then soon public safety laws will strengthen. Case in point: seat belts, helmets, speed limits, running red light laws, opposing lane driving laws.

Your personal decision regarding your vaccination and masking affects our daily lives and future public safety laws.

The most innocent of us need you to protect them from a murderous assault.

Take the shot, wear the mask, show us that you care.

Bill Blair