Dear Editor

The result of the election steal big lie is domestic terrorism. If we enable criminal behavior then we are responsible for the consequences. From the greatest to the smallest, the domestic terrorist is guilty of insurrection under our democratic rule of law. There is an avalanche of evidence that should be enough to prosecute and convict all domestic terrorists. Or are some immune from the rule of law that we are all subject to? Where is the justice in what is currently unfolding in our justice system? When did we decide that a former president and his followers can publicly break laws that the rest of us must obey? Our authorities are properly chasing down the insurrectionists who with weapons attacked our capital, congressmen, and security forces. Should those who planned, supported, directed, and finally encouraged the mob be free from the consequences of the resulting violence against our democracy?

Are these then the new royalty who prior to the declaration of independence enslaved us as the American colonists? We became Americans who chose democracy and majority rule over royalty or mob rule.

Currently we are being threatened by a self-elected king, his court of politicians, his propaganda spreading media, a mob of violent domestic terrorists, and a stunned public who during four years have just about destroyed the democracy that we created in 1776.

Our country is ruled by democratic justice and the rule of law, not by a one termed unelected double impeached former president’s personal agenda of revenge driven destruction.

We have suffered a loss of democratic self-awareness. Each of us need a reset. We must do our part to accept the reality of a publicly elected president and his humanitarian administration of democratic recovery. Can national recovery start? Yes. You decided on Nov. 3, 2020. Stand up. Oppose the insanity.

Your decision will define the future of democracy in our America.

Bill Blair