MENOMINEE — The Michigan Court of Appeals has upheld the convictions and sentences of William Charles Ruleau in a breaking and entering of a business that occurred September 2017.

Ruleau, 56, was found guilty after a jury trial in October 2018 of breaking and entering a building with intent to commit larceny and possession of burglar’s tools. He was sentenced to six to 30 years in prison by 95A Circuit Court Judge Christopher Ninomiya.

According to documents, a surveillance camera recorded Ruleau inside the office of Component Solutions, 2219 10th Ave., Menominee, after hours at 2 a.m. Sept. 16, 2017. The recording shows Ruleau using a tire rod to break open filing cabinets.

Component Solutions owner, Kari Jo Bunting, reported that $440 was taken from a cashbox kept inside a filing cabinet, $50 was taken from a desk drawer and between $400 and $500 in coins was also taken.

Ruleau appealed his convictions and sentencing, claiming that Ninomiya improperly allowed identification testimony by a relative of Ruleau, who, after stating at the trial he was “100% sure” that it was Ruleau in the video, said Ruleau looked “quite a bit different” in the video than he does in the courtroom. He had grown a beard for the trial.

The appeals court reject all claims by Ruleau and upheld the convictions and sentencing Thursday.