■ Troy A. Krueger, 55, Pound, $1618 total, driving while intoxicated, other charges of failure to keep vehicle under control and operating with PAC were dismissed by the prosecutor.

■ Brandon J. Broberg, 38, Green Bay, $814.60 total, speeding, failure to register vehicle, driving with a suspended license and possession of open intoxicants in vehicle.

■ Joseph C. Hermes, 30, Pound, $664.50 total, driving without insurance, non-registration of vehicle and driving a motorcycle without a valid license.

■ Angela M. Drea, 40, Athelstane, $602.60 total, failure to keep vehicle under control and failure of driver to notify police of accident.

■ Catrina J. Cruz, 27, Pound, $586.30 total, speeding, driving without proof of insurance and two counts of driving with a suspended license.

■ Patrick J. Filkey, 54, Athelstane, $413.60 total, failure to keep vehicle under control and failure to report accident.

■ Brian F. Antonissen, 42, 226 Main St., Marinette, $267.50, driving without a valid license.

■ Nicholas A. Danis, 33, Norway, Mich., $200.50, driving without a valid license.

■ $200.50 each, driving without insurance; Ronald J. Arts, 48, Pembine; Nicholas J. Hatton, 33, 526 Ogden St., Marinette.

■ $200.50 each, speeding; Connie E. Chase, 45, Cudahy, Wis.; Brian R. Hazlett, 59, Wausaukee; Leon A. Hutton, 36, 1519 Sherman St., Marinette; Carol S. Korpal, 67, Oak Creek, Wis.

■ Trina A. Amador, 32, Green Bay, $200.50, driving with a revoked license.

■ Colby J. Johnson, 25, 1025 Jackson St., Marinette, $200.50, driving with a revoked license, charges of driving without insurance and inattentive driving were dismissed by the prosecutor.

■ Wesley K. Ketcham, 41, Chicago, $187.90, inattentive driving.

■ Heather M. Gliniecki, 42, Appleton, $185.30 total, speeding and driving without proof of insurance.

■ Mark A. Arbuckle, 34, Rochester, Ind., $185.30 total, speeding and failure to wear seatbelt.

■ $175.30 each, speeding; Kelly L. Allport, 55, Green Bay; Rachael R. Balderas, 30, Iron River, Mich.; Jennifer R. Brandt, 31, Crivitz; Kristine E. Bresnahan, 53, Suring, Wis.; Stuart L. Brown, 43, Chicago; Michael D. Buelow, 37, Racine, Wis.; Ferdinand E. Buckaen, 65, Pembine; Corbin L. Burmeister, 18, Manitowoc, Wis.; Chris M. Chaffee, 50, Iron Mountain, Mich.; Charles R. Cotter, 64, Middleton, Wis.; Kimiko K. Davis, 50, Pound; Terence L. Easton, 34, Princeton, Ind.; Peyton M. Elam, 23, Crivitz; Guy D. Forstrom, 67, Quinnesec, Mich.; Kalvin Guevara, 32, Chicago; Mckenzie L. Hall, 22, Oshkosh; Jeffery A. Hehn, 57, Milwaukee; Ashley L. Hodgins, 34, Mequon, Wis.; Lisa M. Hogan, 47, Marathon, Fla.; Kevin L. Kohlmann, 57, Plymouth, Wis.; Derik D. Lafave, 43, Green Bay.

■ $175.30 each, failure to obey traffic signal; Quinn W. Falk, 22, Chicago; Scott J. Laborde, 50, Kaukauna, Wis.