■ Seth S. Matz, 21, W4086 Grasser Road, Marinette, $1,188 total, driver’s license revoked eight months, ignition interlock, alcohol assessment, driving while intoxicated and possess open intoxicants in motor vehicle—driver. Charges of driving with a prohibited alcohol concentration above 0.15%, failure to wear a seatbelt, driving left of center and driving at an unreasonable and imprudent speed were dismissed.

■ Sara A. Melton, 37, Wausaukee, $653 total, hit-and-run property adjacent to highway and failure of driver to notify police of an accident.

■ $375.80 each, total: Amy L. Jicha, 36, Wausaukee, driving without insurance and failure to yield right of way from stop sign; Sarina J. Kelley, 34, 1417 30th Ave., Menominee, speeding and driving without a license; Dexter J. Knutson Gaie, 20, Green Bay, driving with a suspended license and driving after revocation or suspension of registration; Jenny L. Netupski, 44, Wausaukee, speeding and automobile following too closely.

■ Rodney A. Larson, 54, Neenah, Wis., $350.60 total, two counts of speeding. A charge of driving without proof of insurance was dismissed.

■ Steven C. Pohlman, 69, Green Bay, $295, speeding (30 to 34 over the speed limit in a 55 speed zone).

■ Braden C. Meeks, 23, Wausaukee, $250.90, speeding (25 to 29 mph over the speed limit).

■ $225.70 each, speeding: David W. Neering, 21, Green Bay; Ramiro J. Olvera Sanchez, 19, Appleton.

■ $213.10 each: Morgan K. Liegeois, 16, Oconto, driving unreasonable and imprudent speed; Monica R. Nowak, 17, Crivitz, failure to keep vehicle under control; Daniel F. Pullen, 46, Wausaukee, passing in a no-passing zone.

■ $200.50 each: Charlene L. Lowry, 41, 1408 Logan Ave., Marinette, driving with a suspended license; Amber L. Norquist, 29, Coleman, Adam D. Olson, 35, Niagara, speeding.

■ Roman A. Rardon, 19, 1061 Jackson St., Marinette, $200.50, driving without a valid license. A charge of driving without insurance was dismissed.

■ $175.30 each, speeding: MacKenzie M. McNalley, 35, Traverse City, Mich.; Shannon S. Micolichek, 33, Green Bay; Michele L. Mills, 54, 295 W. Bay Shore St., Marinette; Daniel J. Monson, 59, Gratiot, Wis.; Mark L. Nevins, 36, Sheboygan, Wis.; Troy M. Novak, 36, Wausaukee; Alex A. Pintor, 21, Milwaukee; Ronna L. Radke, 53, Oconto Falls.

■ $164.50 each, improper parking on roadway: Debbie J. Mcdonnell, 60, 1706 39th Ave., Menominee; Timothy P. Neuman, 34, Menasha, Wis.


■ Candace M. Larson, 31, Menominee, $2,260 total, 1 year probation, outpatient treatment and rehabilitative counseling, attempted assault of a police officer and driving a vehicle while impaired by liquor. The defendant pleaded guilty Aug. 27.

■ Zachary A. Jungwirth, 31, Appleton, $1,055, six months probation, outpatient treatment and rehabilitative counseling, driving while impaired by liquor. The defendant pleaded guilty Aug. 18.

■ Shayliyah Deion Tourtillott, 25, Shawano, Wis., $710, six months probation, outpatient treatment and rehabilitative counseling, for driving under the influence of liquor. The defendant pleaded guilty Aug. 26.

■ Brian M. Peters, 36, Menominee, 27 days time served and $125, retail fraud third degree. The defendant pleaded guilty on Aug. 18.

■ Amy Jo Valentin, 42, Menominee, 30 days and $125, disorderly person-drunk. The defendant pleaded no contest on Aug. 18.


■ Jamil Gomez-Castron, 25, $963, careless driving and no proof of insurance. Fined in 2020.

■ Michael Bawyn Jr., 41,Menominee, $580, driving with an expired license and unregistered motor vehicle or trailer.

■ Timothy Groleau, 39, of Carney, $295, unlicensed off-road vehicle.

■ Zachery Tetzlaff, 23, Menominee, $240, non-registration.

■ $234 each: Nickolas Dubey, 28, Menominee, no plate; Angela Britz, 37, Marinette, expired registration.

■ $210 each: Autumn Macejack, 19, Marinette, Rachel Phelps, 22, Menominee, texting while driving; Alvin Frederick, 56, Porterfield, refuse breath test; Nathan Dykstra, 20, Antigo, Wis., minor in possession-alcohol.

■ Jeffrey Pope, 50, Menominee, $198, speeding.

■ Wendy Klatt, 47, Menominee, $195, expired registration.

■ David Saintcross, 32, Colorado Springs, Colo., $165, careless driving.

■ $150 each, expired registration: Mathan Jarman, 39, Menominee; Sara Alguire, 37, Menominee.

■ $140 each: Nathan Goodlet, 29, Menominee, window tint; Tamera Burkholder, 65, Manistique, Mich., traffic signal violation; Darnise Smith, 33, Menominee, stop sign violation; Anthony Bardin, 22, Menominee, Eric Stewart, 39, Menominee, fail to signal; Susan Lemke, 55, Hilbert, Wis., violation of basic speed law.

■ $120 each, speeding: Jennifer Stenberg, 44, Stephenson, Mich.; Zakaria Brema, 20, Milwaukee; Brian Marren, 38, Carlsbad, Calif.; Alex Martin, 22, Kaukauna, Wis., William Rajaniewmi, 38, Negaunee, Mich.; Qui Dand, 39, Marinette; Kurt Wangerin, 55, Stephenson, Mich.; Canaan Elson, 17, Menominee; Anthony Culbertson, 19, Escanaba; Nicholas, Weinerth, 24, Fond du Lac, Wis.; Joshua Coonen, 22, of Pulaski, Wis.; Richard Beaudo, 68, Menominee; Jacob McNeely, 26, Marinette; Jarod Shepard, 40, Menominee.

■ Zachery Tetzlaff, 23, Menominee, $120, defective equipment.