■ Lawrence W. Mertz, 49, Crivitz, $874.50, driver’s license revoked eight months, alcohol assessment, driving while intoxicated. Charges of driving with a prohibited alcohol content greater than 0.08% but less than .15%, driving too fast for conditions and failure to keep vehicle under control were dismissed.

■ Elvin Rizo Casco, $626.70 total, speeding, driving without a valid license and driving without insurance.

■ Jorge L. Perez-Cruz, 32, Green Bay, $426.20 total, speeding and driving a motor vehicle without insurance.

■ Hayden M. Renikow, 18, Wausaukee, $326.50, driving wrong way on divided highway.

■ Antonio Papa, 43, Conover, Wis., $295, speeding.

■ Jacqueline A. Meyer, 56, Dunbar, $225.70, speeding.

■ Marusz, Pawlikowski, 44, Bridgeview, Ill., unreasonable and imprudent speed.

■ Michael A. Maleport, 31, Green Bay, $200.50, possession of open intoxicants in motor vehicle—passenger.

■ Cooper A. Meikle, 22, Green Bay, $200.50, duty/report accident. A charge of failure to keep vehicle under control was dismissed.

■ $175.30 each, speeding: Steven J. Mckee, 64, North Aurora, Ill.; Chase C. Nystrom, 29, Amberg; Yarodin O. Parker, 37, Chicago; Daniel R. Pearson, 36, Mequon, Wis.; Cody R. Renikow, 22, Wausaukee; Keith M. Rhode, 34, Pound; Yajaira A. Rios Medina, 27, Crivitz.