■ Shane R. Daigneault, 34, 1512 Logan Ave., Marinette, $1,028.80 total, driving without a valid license, speeding, non-registration of vehicle and driving without insurance.

■ Brandi L. Behnke, 27, Auburndale, Wis., $590 total, reckless driving and driving without insurance.

■ Megan M. Blomgren, 34, Waukesha, Wis., $426.20 total, speeding and driving with a suspended licence.

■ Jade A. Allman, 16, Peshtigo, $375.80 total, driving with a probationary license with an unauthorized person in vehicle and failure to yield right of way.

■ Bowe D. L. Gagnon, 24, Abrams, $358, speeding, another charge of OWI was dismissed on prosecutor’s motion.

■ Cole W. T. Danoff, 19, Oconto Falls, $267.50, driving without a valid license.

■ Hailey A. Andrist, 21, Pound, $250.90, speeding.

■ Devontre L. Q. Cottingham, 24, Madison, Wis., $235.70 total, driving without proof of insurance and speeding.

■ $225.70 each, speeding; Dina L. Borremans, 53, Green Bay; Richard A. Felty, 40, Greenville, Wis.

■ Steven W. Czerniak, 58, Crivitz, $213.10, failure to keep vehicle under control.

■ $200.50 each, speeding; Jeffrey A. Bryngelson, 58, Hartford, Wis.; Parry L. Cartier, 62, Wauwatosa, Wis.; Scott R. Ernst, 42, Mequon, Wis.; Brandon R. Fruzen, 34, Green Bay.

■ $200.50 each, driving without a valid license; Gage A. Bruneau, 43, Pembine; Bethany M. Hijuelos, 30, Green Bay.

■ $200.50 each, driving without insurance; Susan M. Clausen, 60, Pound; Brian G. Dey, 56, Crivitz.

■ $200.50 each, driving with a suspended licence; Michael A. Adix, 51, Madison, Wis.; Megan M. Bieber, 32, Crivitz; Brooke M. Blanchette, 42, Green Lake, Wis.; Eric R. Hardy, 29, Pound.

■ Ryan L. Ehlers, 25, Peshtigo, $187.90, inattentive driving, another charge of driving left of center was dismissed on prosecutor’s motion.

■ $175.30 each, speeding; Kurt J. Aebischer, 55, Denmark, Wis.; Bradley J. Capps, 25, Oak Creek, Wis.; Marcus R. Carviou, 16, W3201 County Trunk G, Marinette; Carrie A. Ciupak, 37, Chesterton, Ind.; Kelly L. Dettman, 48, Oconto Falls; Newton J. Dodd, 21, Wausuakee; Theron D. Duncan, 49, Houghton, Mich.; David E. Fletcher, 49, Middleton, Wis.; Codey M. Gerarden, 32, Green Bay; Jean A. Hansen, 70, Abrams; Marlene A. Hart, 47, Crivitz; Jacob P. Heimerl, 28, Wausau, Wis.; Garren T. Heller, 25, New Port Richey, Fla.

■ Mark S. Beauchamp, 37, Gladstone, Mich., $175.30, failure to obey sign or signal.

■ Robert D. Heritsch, 35, Wausaukee, $175.30, non-registration of vehicle.