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The EagleHerald is a daily newspaper serving the residents of Marinette County, Wisconsin, and Menominee County, Michigan.

Menominee County was organized in January 1863, and it took Eleazer S. Ingalls only nine months to publish the area’s first newspaper, the Menominee Herald. His first edition was published in Green Bay which at the time had the only steam-powered press in Wisconsin. Eight years later, the Marinette and Peshtigo Eagle hit the dirt roads of our neighborhoods on June 24, 1871, under the direction of Judge Luther B. Noyes, the first publisher. The highly-respected Noyes bloodline continued a long and distinguished relationship in the M&M area, owning and operating a “town crier” here from 1871 until 1980 when ancestors sold to the Bliss family, another well-known newspaper family based in Janesville, Wis. The transaction Included the Marinette Eagle-Star and Ironwood, Mich., Daily Globe, both of which were owned by Eagle Printing Co.

The Eagle Printing Co. acquired ownership of Menominee Publishing Co. (Herald-Leader) on July 17, 1982. Although the Herald-Leader was printed in the Eagle-Star building in Marinette, the two publications had separate and competitive news departments. The Eagle-Star and Herald-Leader news staffs joined together in producing the first Saturday morning edition on Nov. 5, 1994, but maintained separate news staffs to produce their own Monday-Friday editions. The transition cycle was completed July 10, 1995, when the two newspapers merged to create the EagleHerald.

Adams Publishing Group acquired ownership of Bliss Communications newspapers, which included the EagleHerald, in June 2019.

Our news staff is motivated to provide balanced coverage of government, business, industry and community news in two large, rural counties in two different states.


HOURS: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Closed Saturday and Sunday. Our lobby is temporarily closed because of COVID-19. Please contact us by phone or email during our regular hours so we can assist you.

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