AURORA, Colo.—The Marinette High School Powerlifting club traveled to Aurora Colorado for Nationals over Memorial Day weekend.

Placing third in the Men’s 120+-kilogram weight division was Marinette’s Gordon Langer, who lifted a total of 1235 pounds but made a strategical error preventing him from placing higher.

“During my last squat I tried to get up 550, which would be a new school record and I failed it miserably. Looking back on it if would have went with a lighter weight, like 520 or 510, I probably would have come in second,” Langer said. “Without having done such a heavy weight and failing it, I would have to put it on my deadlift. That’s where it kind of screwed me over on second place. I am happy with third. I’m not complaining whatsoever. I am focused on getting better every single day.”

Despite being much smaller and battling through nervousness, Cameron Anderson refused to be out-lifted in his the final meet of his high school career by his younger teammate.

He out-lifted Langer by five pounds with a total of 1240 pounds, which earned Anderson fifth place in the 120 kg division.

“Starting out with squat was a little nerve-racking but after I got comfortable with the conditions I got a lot more comfortable and started performing a lot better, wasn’t as nervous and kind of just did my best after that,” Anderson said.

Logan Paris, Fin Seaborg and Ashton Shehow all represented Marinette in the 93 kg division. Pairs lifted 1075 lbs, while Seaborg ended up with an even thousand pounds and Shehow had 980.

In the women’s 84 kg division Chasity Bunting placed eighth, edging teammate Laney Corsten by only 28.5 lbs., who finished in ninth.

“The team had a great showing at Nationals. It was so fun to see them all compete at this high level and it was a great way to wrap up a season,” Marinette coach Brigit Pettit said.

Men’s 120+ kg

3. Langer—1235 lbs.

Men’s 120 kg

5. Anderson—1240 lbs.

Men’s 93 kg

26. Paris—1075 lbs.

28. Seaborg—1000 lbs.

30. Shehow—980 lbs.

Women’s 84 kg

8. Bunting—413.5 lbs.

9. Corsten—385 lbs.